Monster of the Day #241

Monday morning blues? No reason to look down in the mouth.

  • The Rev.

    I don’t know if Lyz has ever seen this, but I am certain, as I was when I saw this a few years ago, that she’d find today’s Monster absolutely adorable, if anatomically incorrect.

    Still, I love his little fangs. I never noticed it when I paused it to get a good look during my viewing, but it even looks to have a human-type tongue, too. Which makes it even more awesome.

    Have you seen this, Ken? It’s bad, but tends toward silly, fun bad, much like Pod People. A lot more gory, though, so if you haven’t seen it, bear that in mind.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it and wants to, DO NOT watch the trailer before watching the movie. Happily, I didn’t; if I had, I would have had a couple of the comedic highlights, and the gross-out highlight, spoiled for me.

  • I want to say I’ve seen this one, too, but it’s been a billion years since I have, and if I did, then it made no lasting impression on me.

  • Rock Baker

    When I was young, USA or TBS or someone used to show this movie every once in a while. I’ve seen bits of it, but I have yet to see the whole thing. I only remember two things. I recall the above image, and a scene that involved making a salad. I don’t even remember the title. Was it “Slugs”?

  • Foywonder

    I’ve always had a soft spot for SLUGS even though I fully recognize that it is far from being a genuinely good film.

  • The Rev.

    Rock: Yes, it’s Slugs. Yes, there’s a scene with a salad, and it leads to the gross-out highlight I mentioned earlier.

    If nothing else, I love the line, “You don’t have the authority to declare Happy Birthday!”

  • Rock Baker

    Just the bit that I recall left an impact on me. I remember thinking about it for a while after I saw it, and getting kinda sick thinking about if something like that were to really happen. (And I just mean the lettuce being chopped, because I have no clue what happened after that….)

  • Petoht

    My only exposure to this was a Cinema Snob review. As I recall, when they started coming up with their insane plan to deal with the slugs, he kept saying, “Salt!”

  • The Rev.

    Rock: The results of the salad are pretty ridiculous, but also highly disgusting.

  • Rock Baker

    So I go home last night and what do I find? A big black slug about five inches long! I’m a little nervous to see what today’s monster is….

  • SLUGS is just a perfect B monster movie of the type that is not seen often enough anymore. Yeah the monster’s stupid, but that’s par for the course.