Monster of the Day #237

“I’m Batman!”

  • Fake-looking ape suits just never go out of style.

  • Guy — Please pay attention, sir! That’s not a fake-looking ape suit!

    It’s a fake-looking bat suit.

  • Mr. Rational

    So we’re officially on THAT kick, eh? :)

  • roger h

    I see what Guy is seeing. . .

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Take special care of those ruby slippers – I want those most of all! Now fly – fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!

  • monoceros4

    This one annoyed the heck out of me, as I remember. I tend to dislike movies that pull the, “He’s a monster–or is he?!” fake-out, especially since that fake-out seems particularly fakey in this movie.

  • roger h

    I guess this is an MST3K I haven’t seen yet and I do not see it on netflix under either title.

    Un-riffed version is on Netflix so I’ll queue it up.

    Pray for me.

  • Gamera

    But if a werebat bit a gorilla on the full moon the gorilla would turn into- I’m not sure but I bet it would be really cool.

    Now I’m wondering if a werewolf bit a gorilla would the ape turn into a really big, super-stong werewolf? Wonder if I could sell the script to Sci-Fi???

  • I don’t know. Would it fight MegaShark?

  • Rock Baker

    Odd little movie, IT Lives by Night/Bat People, I could’ve used a bit more in explaining why he turned into a bat. I mean, what was special about the one bat that bit him? Was it radioactive? A space bat? Throw us a bone here! I’d rather have too much explination than not enough, that’s why The X Files turned me off. Come to think of it, the plot of this film would’ve made a decent X File.

  • Gamera

    ‘Megashark vs. Gorillawolf’? Hell, I’d watch it…

  • “Cornelius learned never to bother Zera during that time of the month.”

  • Incidentally, the bat-make-up was done by none other than a young version of the late, great Stan Winston. I guess he was still refining his craft.