Monster of the Day #236

A carry-over from one of last week’s movies, but hey, why not?

  • KeithB

    Call the Inquirer! It’s Bat Boy!

  • John Campbell

    Ahhh the Enquirer…not even an incontinent parrot would use it, but I’m willing to bet it and it’s ilk will be the last of the printed media to go…

    But I digress!!

    His wings bring all the hotties to his tree!

  • Mr. Rational

    Holy bat man, Batman!

  • Mr. Rational

    Sorry, I know, I know. It just…called to me…

  • roger h

    The bat man here is just about the only memory I have of this film. Nice of him to wear pants, I for one do not to see his boy wonder.


    IIRC he was the only monster survivor.

  • P Stroud

    Actually almost any movie could be improved with the inclusion of a batman. Certainly it would have made “Gigli” better.

  • perletwo

    Jamie Farr’s attempts to get Christopher Nolan’s attention when he was casting the Batman reboot really were sad, weren’t they? This is what happens when you take auditioning advice from Sean Young.

  • Rock Baker

    So, Twilight People again? How is it I’ve never seen this movie? Or really even heard about it other than the passing mention in Ken’s intro to The Navy vs The Night Monsters? What gives?

  • Rock — I don’t know if TP was sent out via a different distributor or what. In any case, I think I only saw it once, while the Blood Island movies played on Chicago’s junk stations in the ’70s and early ’80s with at least occasional regularity. It’s like Warlords of Atlantis; I’ve still never seen that all the way through, yet the other films in that series all got theatrical runs or at least regular TV runs here.

  • Rock Baker

    Pop has Warlords of Atlantis on 16mm. Let me know if you’re ever in the area and we can put together a screening.

  • zombiewhacker

    Speaking of John Ashley, Eddie Romero, the Phillipines, and Atlantis, has anyone else ever seen Beyond Atlantis, which brought Ashley, Patrick Wayne, Sid Haig, and George Nader together for the first and only time?

    No chlorophyl monster, though. It might have helped.

  • roger h

    I recall seeing “twilight people” at the drive in, IMDB said it double billed with “The Doberman Gang” which I know I saw at the drive-in. Probably have not seen it since.