Monster of the Day #233

Sadly, their forbidden romance was to end tragically.

Seriously. It does.

  • KeithB

    As I wonder when watching “Arthur” (The kids cartoon) how would this work out in real life? Do aardvark people have to be with aardvark people?

    In this case would they have to go to Sizzler so she could order a steak and he could graze the salad bar?

  • roger h

    I do not recognize it but, I bet it is not the worst version of “The Island of Dr. Moreau”

  • roger h

    wait, now I remember this week’s theme, and I did seen this one as a lad. Probably just as entertaining as 70s or 90s version. I recall Batman.

  • fish eye no miko

    This week has a theme? No really, I wasn’t aware. What is it?

    Actually, speaking of that: It’d be cool if you found a movie with five (or more) types of monsters and just spent a week on that.

  • roger h

    @fish eye, I believe this is “The Twilight People” and it also hails or was at least filmed in the Philippines like the prior entry.

    I am guessing a visit from Miss Angelique Pettyjohn is in the works.

  • zombiewhacker

    Is that Pam Grier on the left? Seriously, is it?

  • zombiewhacker

    Whoa, spooky roger h, our posts were a minute apart!

  • Rock Baker

    Uh oh! Can these Star Trek convention goers find a way to make things work? Or will they be doomed to get a real life and drift apart?

    Yet another movie I’ve never seen (Ken seems to have it out for me these days). This looks like something from a Russian fantasy epic.

  • That is NOT Ms. Grier, who plays (what else?) the film’s Panther Woman. The most obvious hint is that you wouldn’t hire a ‘name’ actress and then cover up her entire face with a Dog Lady mask, as seen here. Ms. Grier’s make-up was, as you’d expect, rather more minimalist.

  • zombiewhacker

    Thanks, Ken. I tried watching this once on the CBS late movie twenty years ago and it put me to sleep. Literally.

  • fish eye no miko

    roger h said: “it also hails or was at least filmed in the Philippines”

    Ahhh… ok, cool. (-:

  • How any movie with Pam Grier and animal people can put you to sleep is beyond me. I think this is is an awesome picture.