Monster of the Day #225

FoJ Sandra suggested these gals a few days ago. And here at Jabootu we aim to please!

  • Gamera

    Dang, I really need to brush up on my ‘killer doll’ lore since I only knew ‘Talky Tina’ and the ‘Asylum’ critter. Though I’m very happy since I was worried Ken would post that awful fiendish teddy bear from ‘The Pit’. AACCCKKKK!!!!!

  • The Rev.

    You’re not dissin’ on the Tralalogs, are you?

    (I know it’s supposed to be “Trogs” but I like Andrew’s name better.)

  • Gamera

    No Rev, I’m dissing the whole friggin’ movie. It caused me so much pain I retreated into my shell for a week.

    The title ‘The Pit’ is what should be done with all copies of this film. Bury them in a pit like the urban legend of all those poor Atari ET games.

    Best thing about it is it came with ‘Hellgate’. Not much better overall but at least that movie had a zombie sea turtle bite off half a guy’s face. There should be more movies with zombie sea turtles…

  • Oh, yeah, The Pit sucks. Horrible movie.

  • For a minute I thought this was from Tourist Trap, which is a movie I rather like, even though it’s scariest scene is only 10 minutes in. But it does give Chuck Connors a little extra meat for his role.

  • The Rev.

    Tourist Trap had mannequins, instead of dolls, and while their mouths were hinged liked that, they didn’t have teeth.

    That movie actually creeped me out a bit when I saw it in high school. I haven’t seen it since, though.

  • Rock Baker

    No comment. I mean, I haven’t seen it and really have no urge to, so I really can’t offer a comment.

    I will ask what the Atari ET joke is all about. I remember playing that game when we rented an Atari setup way back when. I was more partial to Pitfall and Barnstormer though.

    Which movie is The Pit? Did it have white cavemen or something? I saw something about creatures in a huge cave once, but I can’t recall the title. I’m seeing a pattern of not remembering 80s titles. I guess The Being sucked a lot more out of me than I thought.

  • Gamera

    Rock: I’ve never played the old Atari ET game but there is an urban legend that it sold so poorly that Atari buried thousands of them in a landfill just to get rid of them.

    The ‘Pit’ is about a poor geeky kid going though puberity who discovers a pit filled with Trog/Tralalog and starts dumping people that pick on him into it. And the is a demonic teddy bear. Skip it, the whole thing is a mess of a film.

  • roger h

    Isn’t this from Barbarella? or am I not reading the comments closely enough?

  • Rock Baker

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up, Gamera! Seems I saw a similar story in an episode of Amazing Stories about a girl with an abusive father who discovers a race of beings in a deep hole in the ground. She lowers food to them and they keep paying her off with chunks of gold. Sounds like I saw the better take on the material.

  • Okay I give up. Which movie is this?

  • roger h

    Sandy, I am standing by “Barberella” (if my wife and Hanoi Jane doesn’t mind).

  • Rock Baker

    I think it is Barbarella. I’ve not seen it, but I have seen the trailer and I think this shot was used there.

  • Petoht

    Yeah, I remember some kind of sharp-toothed monstrosity in Barbarella.

    Since we’re doing killer dolls now, does that mean Screamers is in the hopper?

  • roger h

    of course the real monsters were the little girls who owned the dolls

  • zombiewhacker

    The creepiest doll shot I can remember was a shock cut from the X-Files episode “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.” Any takers?

  • Marsden

    Gamera that isn’t a legend, they did destroy and bury a load of those ET cartriges in a landfill.

  • Gamera

    Marsden:Dang straight! I did a web search Friday night and was surprised to find out that as you stated yes Atari did bury 14 truck loads of ET and Pac-Man games in NM.

    I saw a short spoof film based on ‘Poltergeist’ somewhere on the web where a family finds out their house is built on the ‘graveyard of the ET games’ causing all kinds of weird things to happen. I wish I could find the link now, it was pretty funny.