Monster of the Day #222

Mechanized acupuncture was a bad idea.

  • P Stroud

    The movie itself wasn’t such a good idea either. Though the casting of Britt Eklund at least made some of it watchable.

  • Gamera

    I’ve seen it but don’t remember the name. The little guys being cyborgs with blood and organs inside them was pretty creepy. Still using the dime store toy robots didn’t work that well for me though.

  • Did this film have a chapter with amputated body parts moving around?

  • I liked this movie a lot. I guess I’m just a big fan of all Amicus’s anthologies.

    The dismembered body segment still works today IMO.

  • Rock Baker

    Allow me to tell a story about why Asylum is so important to my family history. Thank You. When Pop was in high school, the school would rent a film each month or so and have a showing (the 50 cent admission fee paying for the school’s operating costs). Pop was campaining to get Invasion of the Saucer Men run sometime soon. In the meantime, he’d be going to the new movies. About a week after he saw Asylum in the theater, he learned the school was going to be showing it! He couldn’t wait, and he and a buddy that had also seen the film revelled in how the other kids reacted to the film. The crawling body parts freaked out the msot kids (and can you imagine a time when something as tame as bloodless crawling limbs wrapped in butcher paper would cause high schoolers to scream?). There was such a backlash, the school decided no more monster movies would be shown. Try as he might, Pop could never talk them into showing Invasion of the Saucer Men for fear of a repeat of the Asylum Incident.

  • fish eye no miko

    So, it’s killer dolls week? Cool.

  • sandra

    If it IS Killer Dolls Week, don’t forget those shark-toothed little horrors in BARBARELLA. Though they don’t actually kill anyone, on camera at least.