Monster of the Day #218

I’m sorry, but puns are the lowest form of alien invasion.

Also, a Hispanic fellow warned me this guy wanted to “kiel” us.

  • Ericb

    Original recipe or extra crispy?

  • The Rev.

    “Kiel” us, Ken? Really? That’s what you want to post in this MotD entry?

    [Dr. Smith]Oh, the pain![/Dr. Smith]

    Even though I was aware of the punchline to this episode by the time I finally saw it, it’s still a pretty good one on its own terms and still one of the better punchlines in the series (to me, anyway).

  • Gamera

    Between him and the Venusian fry cook from ysterday it’s like Iron Chef: Outer Space at Jabootu!

    This episode’s secret ingredent: Humans!

    The thing that struck me as weird about this episode and alien is he’s got the big fat head that would seem to be shorthand for intelligence and advancement while Kiel has this dumb look on his face most of the episode.

  • Perhaps it was meant to lull humans into a state of ready compliance?

  • Ericb

    He kind of has the expression of a bored and surly diner waitress.

  • Gamera

    Maybe! I do like at the end when the lead finds out the real meaning of ‘to serve man’ the alien drops the dumb look and gives our hero an evil grin as he shoves him though the hatch of the waiting spacecraft.

  • Rock Baker

    Seems like by the early 60s, we would’ve already learned not to trust beings from space. No wonder they consider us cattle!

  • You know, I always mentally pictured Ted Cassidy in this role; I don’t recall ever seeing Richard Kiel in anything before the Bond movies. Funny how the mind fools you once the earwigs lay their eggs in your brain.

  • Marsden

    No, it says, “How to Cook For Forty Humans!”

  • monoceros4

    Now this is a Twilight Zone episode that remains good, even though I saw the parody first (really!)

  • sandra

    Now with Soylent Green !