Monster of the Day #216


  • P Stroud

    Jeez, that thing scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Yes, I am ancient enough to have seen the original broadcast. We waited all week every week to see “The Twilight Zone”. It sure looks cheap now though.

  • Gamera

    The real reason BA Bracus won’t fly on a plane?

    They should have had Mister T in the remake movie instead of John Lithgow!

    Great episode but somehow I like the monster in the Lithgow movie remake better. Somehow the new monsster looks more like a gremlin to me and less like a yeti. Still great episode overall and no body can beat THE SHAT!!!

  • I’m going to agree with Gamera and say the movie’s gremlin looked more gremliny. But anything that makes Doctor Who monsters look better is okay in my book.

  • alex

    Great episode but that monster looks like crap. Matheson hated it.

  • Rock Baker

    A great example of how mood and story can make up for a monster that looks like a plush toy! I will grant, though, that the face close against the window was disturbing. This was sort of the horror variation on Zero Hour! One can certainly see Dana Andrews in the Shatner part.

  • Kirk

    That was one of the best jokes on 3rd Rock From the Sun.

  • The Rev.

    Kirk: Beat me to that mention. I loved that. I don’t always go for in-jokes, but that one…I think it was their reactions, especially Lithgow’s, that sold it for me.

    I’m in the camp of liking the latter monster, but this one…well, I love him in that Giant Claw/Green Slime way.

  • EddieF

    He looks like someone cut the face out of the Muppet RALPH and stuck a Frankenstein’s Monster face on it!

  • Petoht

    John Malkovich, nooooooo!