More old moster movie showings in Chicago…

Sep 6/7th (Sat & Sun) showings of a restored print of the original King Kong at the Portage on Milwaukee. The Saturday showing is in the evening, the Sunday one a matinee. Head’s up for anyone who plans on using the nearby city parking lot; it’s metered, .25 cents for 30 minutes up to four hours (until 9:00; free after that), and it ONLY takes quarters, so bring some with.

Sep 20th (Sat) at the Portage: DVD Projection of Gorgo, Mad Monster Party and Invaders from Mars. $10 for all three. GORGEOUS THEATER! See previous note re: parking.

Oct 25th: Partial line-up for the annual 24 hour Halloween movie fest: Friday the 13th the Final Chapter; White Zombie; Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde (the Frederick March version, I’d assume); The Exorcist, Pieces, Phantom of the Paradise, Black Sabbath, Dead Alive, The Old Dark House, Eyes Without a Face. Films tend to be shown more or less chronilogically.

More info as it arises. Thanks to Turkish Spock for the head’s up.

  • turkish spock

    I think the Jekyll and Hyde may be the John Barrymore version, seeing how they like to start that marathon with a silent film with organ accompaniment and they’ve already done Caligari, Nosferatu, and Cat and the Canary. Either way’s fine with me, though.

  • Yes, that would make complete sense. Sadly, I had to miss last year’s, and not seeing Cat and the Canary was one of the bigger blows. That’s a terrific movie.