Monster of the Day #1692

Well, this and even Meg (finally!) are supposed to come out this year. Has the new Godzillaverse actually made giant monster movies viable in the States again? We’ll see, I guess.

They haven’t announced the budget for this, but that wolf looks a tad shoddy to me. They may have spent a lot more on the central gorilla character though.

  • Gamera977

    ‘Bad doggie!!!’

  • Rock Baker

    Could be the previews (which I admit I have not seen) feature unfinished effects work. They have to be pushed out so far in advance of the completion of the movie itself that they often feature only preliminary effects.

  • While more monster movies are nice, what I want to see from the Monsterverse (which, sadly is what they’re calling the Godzilla shared universe) is:

    * A stand alone Rodan flick
    * A new Gamera flick coming inspired by the series.
    * Paulie Shore punched in the mouth. (Carrot Top will do in a pinch)
    * More Toho Godzillas
    * An appearance by Varan, Anguirus, Gigan, or any combination of the three

    Now I’m not expecting any of these to happen. One of them might be quite unreasonable to expect in any fashion for the series to pull off (but I really like Varan for some reason). However, as I’m dreaming, let’s put forth the Real Dream. The Impossible Dream. Godzilla v. Gamera. If the Monsterverse can pull this off, it’ll be sublime.

  • Flangepart

    Oh, you poor, poor dreamer…you know the legal/PR departments rule uber-alles regards dueling studio’s monsters.
    Why, the D.C./Marvel duels were known before the first punch was thrown.

  • With who was set up against whom in the D.C. v. Marvel contest, that’s not exactly a shock. :-)