Monster of the Day #1683

One of the few horror hosts to really break out, partly due to sheer longevity, was Philadelphia’s Cool Ghoul Zacherle. (His station was bought out and he soon moved to New York.) His initial show hit the airwaves in 1957, but I remember him hosting horror movie trailer VHS tapes in the ’80s. He even cut a novelty record (he was friends with Dick Clark), Dinner with Drac. He hosted Halloween shows in Phllie and New York as late on the 1990s. That’s a good run.

  • sandra

    He was also supposedly the editor of at least one paperback of horror stories, Zacherley’s … Something. Vulture Stew ?

  • The Rev.

    I had one of those VHS tapes that I picked up on a whim, not knowing who Zacherle was. It was fairly entertaining, as I recall.

  • Rock Baker

    HORRIBLE HORROR was probably his most widely circulated VHS, and it was my introduction to him. The guy always came across to me like Dick Martin at a halloween party. It would’ve been interesting to see the two of them work together on something.

  • Flangepart

    Anyone else notice his little Irish lilt creeping in at times? Like how he said ‘Dion’t cha know’ and some other phrases?

  • The Rev.

    I believe that’s the one I had.