Monster of the Day #1666

Me likey.

Very frustrating. It’s out on a cheapo Lionsgate DVD double bill (Lionsgate has a whole line of these, it seems), but they never subtitle the films. It might still be worth a look, but obviously I’d prefer it if I could understand the dialogue.

  • Gamera977

    Ouch, not having English subtitles blows since that poster is incredible!

  • bgbear_rnh

    I can barely understand English anymore so no big deal. Looks impressive.

    They can’t seem to decide if he is The Masked Rider or The Skull Rider. Both? Maybe it is a Spanish dialect thing depending on what part of Mexico you are in.

  • Rock Baker

    I used to lament that so few of these pictures were dubbed, but I grew to accept subtitles as a it’s-better-than-nothing-at-all fix. Now what? Do we all have to learn Spanish?

  • Wade Harrell

    WHAT COULD IT BE ABOUT??? A masked hero who fights supernatural creatures in old Mexico? A sort of Zorro Van Helsing? How could it not be great?