Monster of the Day #1659

Although FMF very soon found its voracious audience and was selling in just about every drug store, convenience store and newsstand in the country, early on it looks a lot more fanzine-ish. We tend to think of FMF at the height of it’s glory, symbolized by those gorgeous Basil Gogos covers. The first issue, though, obviously still saw the book finding it’s way. Heck, this could have been a cover of one of the era’s risque but not yet pornographic girlie magazines.

  • Eric Hinkle

    It has its own weird charm, but I think I prefer the artistic efforts of Mr. Gogos.

  • bgbear_rnh

    Cute, a red carpet walk with a pretty girl for a Hollywood star. The may have been riffing the tile of a Hollywood people-type magazine of the time.

  • Rock Baker

    This image was re-created for a special retrospective book published back in the 90’s. That time it was Forry himself in monster makeup.

  • Gamera977