Monster of the Day #1658

I woke up to go to work and realized I had nothing set up. So…here’s a FMF cover.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I don’t think I ever saw an episode of that show.

  • KeithB

    At our church back when this was on the air, one of our pastors got a prop giant shoe from the show and put it in the foyer with a sign saying “take a step for Jesus”, or something like that. Cool seeing the prop, though.

    Now who is the monster, here?

  • If the show could have pulled off a moment like that it would be better remembered today…

  • sandra

    I guess the plan is to stick the safety pin in the snake’s mouth so it can’t close its jaw then run away and hope not to meet any giant ants, spiders etc.

  • Ericb

    Yeah, the snake is the normal size for its planet, it’s the tiny humans who are the aliens. So that might make them tiny, non-scary “monsters”.

  • Rock Baker

    This was also the box art for the Aurora plastic kit based on the series, which was a depiction of the same scene.

  • Rock Baker

    That’s really cool!

  • KeithB

    One of the perks of growing up in Southern California.

  • Eric Hinkle

    Talking about bad TV, has anyone here heard about the plans Warner Bros. and (apparently) Amazon have to make a Lord of the Rings TV show?

  • Flangepart

    What? What are they think- Oh, right. Why do I ask…

  • Eric Hinkle

    I shudder to think how they’ll ‘improve’ Tolkien’s work and make him ‘relevant’.

  • Off topic, but the Criterion Collection now has a ton of Showa era Godzillas in its collection (including non Godzilla films such as Rodan and War of the Gargantuas)

  • I $u$pect that given how the Tolkein e$tate kept publi$hing book after book after book on Middle Earth ba$ed on hi$ note$ and all, and fan$ kept buying and buying them, that it’$ a $eriou$ attempt to promote Tolkein’$ legacy a$ a writer.

    What el$e could it po$$ibly be?

  • Eric Hinkle

    Are they available on DVD yet?

  • Eric Hinkle

    Last I heard the Tolkien estate wasn’t interested in any of this, but they’re going forward with it somehow. Maybe it’s based on the version of Middle-earth from the movies,

    And if his kids do approve, what’s wrong with them selling something people want to buy that they have a legal right to sell?

  • Not from what I’ve read, but they are streaming for Starz.