Monster of the Day #1640

Friday the 13th! And yes, I’m *still* spending a lot of time watching Ft13th gameplay videos on YouTube.Today unsurprisingly they downloaded a ton of new content for fans, most notably a new Jason with unique weapon and kills, a new counselor (kind of a Tommy Chong guy) and a bit new map. They also added weather effects, and they’re pretty great. The games featuring rain as very atmospheric.I also think you can buy the game on disc now rather than just stream it.

The new Jason is from the fourth movie, and I couldn’t find any good stills of him yet. So here’s a favorite. This is a regular Jason (Part 3?) with a skin mean to emulate the purple and blue Jason from the old 8-bit game. His theme music in the game is also chiptune stuff, which is great.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

  • Oh the memories this image brings back. Of wandering Camp Crystal Lake with absolutely no idea where to go and never the slightest hint of what to do. Of trying to figure out just how you were supposed to dodge those damn crows and other foes that are ever so integral to the Friday the 13th mythos. Of watching your characters die one by one at the hands of Jason, generally as you tried in vain to figure out just who he was busy killing Of wondering if maybe, just maybe the video rental stores sole copy of Dragon Warrior might be back in stock so that you wouldn’t have to be playing this game ever again.

    Good times.

    Seriously. Because we could have rented something from Acclaim. Acclaim games wouldn’t let you get past the first screen on a bet.

  • bgbear_rnh

    Where does he manage to find those old goalie masks? Ebay?

  • Flangepart

    Blue mask, blue hands? So that’s what happened to Blue Man Group…