Monster of the Day #1474

The Hideous Sun Krampus.

  • This is a MUCH better Krampus than yesterday’s. Doesn’t look quite right to my mind (there’s a certain sense of been there, done that about it), but not bad.

  • Flangepart

    Krampus get a bill from his dentist…who is currently hiding in Death Valley.

  • Marsden

    His hands don’t look too good.

  • The Rev.

    Kramped Kristmas continued with this movie, and the movie it’s a sequel to. Not in that order, obviously.

    Neither is very good. Krampus in the first one is actually more effective. He’s mostly obscured by a robe and his long gray hair, but the glimpses we get of its face reveal a sort of skeletal demon thing that’s pretty neat. Hideous Sun Krampus here is cool, but too obviously a dude in a mask, and is not nearly as creepy a presence. The first had no CGI; the second had CGI blood, which was really a letdown because it always looks so fake. Each one had one good, or at least decent, actor, who has had an actual career; the rest have not, for good reason. The characters aren’t very compelling. Both movies have infuriating endings, the second one more so by far. Along with Krampus, there’s a Santa Claus who really doesn’t come off as Krampus’ good brother at all. The concept was interesting in the first one, but got overplayed in the second. Don’t bother with either one.