Monster of the Day #1473

OK, by the time I dealt with last night’s snow (with a cold blast coming and lots more of the white stuff coming next Friday and Saturday) it was time to leave for work.

Anyhoo, I watched Krampus last night, and it was great. Definitely worth a look. Lots of monsters too, so that’s coming up. However, before then, there’s a bit of a cottage industry now in DTV cheapie Krampus movies. Here’s a particularly disreputable looking one, given the cheesy CGI monster. But hey, boobs!

  • The Rev.

    We had a cold blast for a couple of days, but no snow (unsurprisingly).

    Yeah, after that Krampus movie came out (which I need to see this month, as ’tis the season) there were, what, three or four others that sprang up in its wake, ranging from “meh” to “utter crap”?

    Hmmm….two years ago it was Christmas-themed slashers. Last year was Christmas horror movies specifically featuring killer Santas (again, mostly slashers). Perhaps Krampus needs to be my holiday theme this year.

  • It’s worth seeing, let me tell you. Dunno if I’d watch it again, but I didn’t regret seeing it in theaters.

    This, though… this looks like every other modern monster movie out there, just with Krampus in place of Alien Clone #9000. Also, it’s pretty sad that the Krampus in the Venture Bros. looks far scarier than this one.

  • Eric Hinkle

    I mostly remember the Venture Bros’ Krampus for horsewhipping Dr. Venture at his own Christmas party.

  • Eric Hinkle

    Why the heck did Krampus become so popular lately?

    For that matter, why is Christmas a popular holiday for horror movies?

  • That’s pretty much it. Not one of the better episodes. Still, a bad Venture Bros. beats most any other cartoon show…

  • No idea about the Krampus, but with Christmas being known as a time of happiness, good cheer, and all that, it makes the Horror sort of potent in a “This shouldn’t be happening now” sort of way.

  • Eric Hinkle

    That works. I figured it was some sort of comment on the horrors of holiday shopping.

  • The Rev.

    Kramped Kristmas kontinued…sorry, continued with this one because I wanted the bad CGI Krampus out of the way. Said effects were actually worse than they look here. At least they’re not prominently featured. The movie had an interesting premise for a Krampus movie, but was rather grim and mean-spirited, raised a few questions that never got answered, and featured a young actress who was quite good…at being a hateful, awful brat. Not exactly a character you want to spend a lot of time with. Overall, I’d say pass.

    I also found another Krampus movie that wasn’t featured here. It looks like it’s going to be very low budget. Because I never learn, I’ll be adding it to the list, and likely regretting it later.