[UPDATED] Monster of the Day #923

I always loved that this guy’s cardigan grew with him.

Irwin Allen’s shows epitomized the era that saw the networks transition black & white to color. Action shows that straddled the line, like Wild Wild West, often went from outre to downright bonkers once they went to color. Allen’s shows Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea are some of the more extreme examples. VttBotS‘ first season, in black and white, featured a high proportion of comparatively realistic (and hence occasionally dull) Cold War espionage episodes. Once color hit, it was 90% monsters and aliens and magicians. Good times.

Those fins on the Seaview made it the most bitchin’ looking submarine ever—look at that prop!!!–but man, they proved handy grips for giant monsters looking to thrash the boat around. I never did figure out why they never installed seatbelts on the command deck, given the regularity with which the crew was tossed around the place.

UPDATE: Here’s a nifty new still: