Monster of the Day #720

As you can imagine, this is about my favorite Kona cover. Sweet!

“Hey! Kona! KONA! Up here! Could you guys not shake things so much? This ledge is kind of precarious! Kona! KONA!”

Note the T-Rex in the background. As I understand it, Kona and his tribe have domesticated some of them. Yes, pet T-Rexes. Take that, Danny!

  • Flangepart


  • Cullen Waters

    We’re gonna need a bigger Monarch of Monster Isle…

  • Ericb

    Some contemporary artist should paint something with Kona relaxing on a lawn chair sipping an iced tea while some giant beastie devours his lazy, erstwhile “friends.”

  • Eric Hinkle

    That sounds like it’d make for a great picture. Poor Kona needs a break.

  • Rock Baker

    “And this is for Robert Shaw!”

  • Gamera977

    I was going to make a ‘jump the shark’ joke the a ‘punch the shark’ joke, don’t know any ‘stab the shark’ ones though…..

    Kona’s tribe tamed t-Rexs??? I always knew the guys from ‘Land of the Lost’ were a bunch of slackers…