Monster of the #631

So speaking of PhotoBucket…

I thought, hey, at least I could take all the so far unused MoD candidate photos I pre-stored at PhotoBucket and just move them over to Imgur, where, you know, I could actually use them.

However, because of Infinite Scroll (which, along with the amazing new and apparently vital ability to TELL A STORY!–the function the new PhotoBucket seems to be literally built around–is the most prominent new ‘feature’ PhotoBucket has shoved down our throats by making mandatory), I can’t really access the old photos any more.

I mean, theoretically I could, but it would take so many hours and hours to scroll through the hundreds of images–plus you can’t see the indicators I used to use to mark what I had used and what I hadn’t any longer, unless you hover over each photo individually, which is insanely inefficient–but in real terms, those photos are pretty much dead to me.

Thanks, PhotoBucket! You’re awesome.