Monster of the Day #629

Hmm, seems familiar somehow…

  • Flangepart

    The newest at the WWE, Blues singer and wrestler Loup “Bleeding Gums’ Garou.

  • sandra

    Legend of the Werewolf with the really crappy makeup job.

  • Ericb

    Still, it makes Oliver Reed well equipped to chew the scenery.

  • It may have been minimal, but the make-up itself wasn’t bad.

  • One of only a scant number of films (maybe just two!) from a 70’s mini-Hammer studio called, I think, Tyborn Studios (something like that). They showed a lot of promise. Too bad they didn’t make it. They were bringing about a return to the earlier Hammer style (the company may have even been created by former Hammer employees), but at a time when the Hammer style was going out. Too bad, really. This may have been the best werewolf movie SINCE Hammer’s.

  • Joliet Jake Blues

    The years have not been kind to Ted Danson, have they>

  • The Rev.

    I am not familiar with this movie, but I know Tyburn from The Ghoul, which I’ve read about somewhere…and which looks to be on YouTube.

    Looking at IMDB, yeah, they really didn’t do much.

  • They had a good idea at the wrong moment in time. At least they tried.