T(ween) Fest 2013 details…

Still recovering from B-Fest (if I go there another 10 years, I’ll be a 60 year old attendee!), but thought I’d toss out some details on this year’s T(ween) Fest.

The date is Saturday, April 27th. As of now, it’s looks like it will be at Sandy’s house again, in Rockwall outside of Dallas.

We did a voting thing last time (my idea, and I inflicted in on Sandy, so it’s all my fault) where attendees of last year’s T-Fest looked over a sheet of over a hundred B-movie elements I assembled and picked the 20 they wanted to see. Votes were tabulated, and the winners were:

Defenestration (6 votes)
Luchadore (6 votes)
Space Babe (6 votes)
Transformation Scene (6 votes)
‘Future’ Date Now Gone By (7 votes)
Horrible Child Actor (7 votes)

Killer Plant (7 votes)
Mad Scientist (7 votes)
Midget/Dwarf (7 votes)
Ninja (7 votes)

Robot (7 votes)
Rubber Suit Monster (7 votes)
Spring-Loaded Cat (7 votes)

Dinosaur (8 votes)
Monster vs. Monster fight (8 votes)
Octopus / Squid (8 votes)
Spider (8 votes)

Technobabble (8 votes)
Explication of Moronic Scheme (9 votes)
Martial Arts (9 votes)

And, of course, since it’s T(ween) Fest, we need to end with a Texas film.

We also had a vote on what actor people wanted to see. Kirk Draut (I should have seen this coming) spammed it by getting his wife and daughter to vote also for the Barbarian Brothers. So they”ll be featured. They made a whopping ONE movie we can play at the Fest (which, of course, they also played at B-Fest this year–that’s how the universe works), and it contained NONE of the list elements, so that made the programming that much harder. I’ve cracked the nut, though, and think we’ll pull it off.

By the way, I probably won’t be making T-Fest this year. We’ll see how things go, but it isn’t promising. For what that’s worth to anyone. If nothing else, Sandy can program the whole thing, and it will make up for the List idea that means he won’t be programming much for T(ween) Fest. He’ll be picking the Friday night pre-Fest movies, though.

See you there!

  • I was going to design a new logo, but I couldn’t think of any words that rhyme with “swella” or “jalla.”

  • Ken_Begg

    Hmm, the Rev. is our expert on such matters. Rev?

  • The Rev.


    Hella, Bella, fella, Cruella, well-a, smell-a (ooo, that one’s good considering the song), Nutella, Della…

    Gala, pal-la, ralla (like “rally”? Maybe a stretch), Valhalla (again, a stretch), Walla Walla…

    Does that help at all?

    Also, boo on no Ken this fall. I assume, though, that you’ll be here in April?

  • Ken_Begg

    Yes, since I inflicted The List thing on Sandy, it would be poor form to avoid it personally.

  • bgbear_rogerh

    Kinda off topic, is there a word for being pushed down stairs? It happens in film enough. I am thinking descalaration

  • That would be called Widmarkation, provided there’s a wheelchair involved OR the victim is female. Otherwise, it’s just called Graviticeleration.

    By the way, which film is that with Richard Widmark? I always blank on the title.

  • bgbear_rogerh

    Kiss of Death

  • Ah! Thanks! For some reason I still haven’t seen that one!

  • The Rev.

    Today I had a moment of panic, thinking I’d actually miss this because of a trip to Austin I have to make in April. I was convinced it was on this same weekend. Happily, I was wrong, it’s two weeks prior to TwF2013, so I’m okay!

    I know you all were worried. Who else would write it up for you all, right? Speaking of which, I’m trying to get last year’s T-Fest write-up finally done, so maybe Ken can throw up the two 2012 Fest pieces before he comes down here in April. (I picked up a second job recently, so my free time’s even less than it was before.)

  • Mr. Rational

    Wonderful. By April, I should actually be able to come without my job getting in the way!