Monster of the Day #621

As I noted yesterday, I’ve run out of Jack the Giant Killer pictures. So let’s go from a Jim Danforth kidde pic to one that went in a rather different direction.

This and The Stewardesses (in 3-D!) remain the only ‘adult’ movies I’ve seen in a  theater, and both of those would probably be hard ‘R’s today. Even back in the ’80s they were soft enough to play on campus and suburban midnight shows.

  • Flangepart


    Oh well, Danforth hadda start somewhere.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    My understanding is that the original cut of Flesh Gordon was a great deal more hard core pr0n, but that as it gained cult status they removed some of the raunchier aspects to try and widen the audience appeal.

  • Awesome stories behind this one.

  • Ericb

    I hope that they didn’t so the porn stuff with the stop-motion figures. That would be a bit too disturbing to contemplate.

  • Actually, Danforth was pretty-well established by the time this flick came out. Most everyone on the effects crew just sort of pretended it was Flash instead of Flesh, essentially….

  • I was quite intrigued when I eventually saw this film. Not only is it a great effects picture, it’s actually a pretty amusing comedy as well. Probably the only porno in history I’d actually call a ‘good’ film! (There are a couple of nudies I enjoy, but I classify them differently. In nudies, there are naked women. In pornos, they’re having sex at some point. Given the whole point is to view naked women, I remain puzzled as to how pronos became the norm for ‘adult’ entertainment and the nudies just faded away. You’d think there’d be a market today for movies that have naked women but no sex, right? Or am I alone in that line of thinking?)

  • The story I heard was that there were a couple other such scenes (Flesh and Wang’s daughter, another scene with Dale I think) shot but cut prior to release. As far as I know the final version we have today is the version that got released in 1974. I can’t remember why the scenes in question got cut, but they were (obviously) superfluous to the adventure story which began to take over the film. Ultimately, the only ‘X’ scene is the one between Flesh and that lady who flies around in a giant swan spaceship. She was supposedly a name ‘actress’ in the field.

  • zombiewhacker

    It’s sad that I would even know this, but wasn’t the monster above voiced by Craig T. Nelson?

  • Indeed it was, although I believe the young Nelson was uncredited. Giving the monster a voice was also a last-minute idea. The footage was shot and edited with the monster grunting, and Nelson’s lines were placed over the finished footage. I believe his lines were also ad-libbed as he watched the footage for the first time, although the synch was really good if that was the case!