Monster of the Day #618

Hmm, there’s just something so vaguely familiar….

  • Flangepart

    “Hope ya don’t mind if I ‘horn in’ on yer conversation, hah?”

  • In this shot, he looks like some character actor, but I can’t quite place him. E.G. Marshall, maybe? Borgnine?

  • SteveWD

    It’s like Ernest Borgnine’s face pasted on the Cyclops from 7th Voyage of Sinbad….and made out of Silly Putty

  • The monsters from this film tend to look better in the film itself, although even there they have certain toy-like quality.

    I’m also seeing a touch of Yul Bryner, but I’ll be the puppet is supposed to look like Torin Thatcher, demonstrating the psychic link between them.

    Fun trivia note: two of the beast’s fingers (I believe it’s this one, although it could be the two-headed giant) were taken from the King Kong puppet! They needed some fingers and were coming up short on materials, so they went into the prop room and found one of the Kong puppets and just removed two of the fingers!

  • “Just removed two of the fingers [from a Kong puppet]” — when was this film made;; and why were they allowed to manhandle a monster puppet from King Kong so cavalierly?

  • SteveWD

    Wasn’t Torin Thatcher the sorcerer in 7th Voyage of Sinbad? It seems like just about everyone involved with that movie had something to do with this one, except Ray Harryhausen.

  • The Rev.

    He was indeed.

    I’ve never actually seen this, and I really have no excuse for that.

  • Because at the time, the puppet was just a prop in the storage room. Were it not for collectors like Ackerman and Burns, it’s likely movie props wouldn’t be considered special at all. At the time they were made, they were just tools to be used and then stuck in storage.