Monster of the Day #617

Uh, something ‘double header.’

2013, the Year of Phoning it In.

  • Flangepart

    One head short of a Monty Python bit.

  • Oooh! JACK THE GIANT KILLER, the ‘other’ Sinbad movie! I hope the sea serpent is next MOTD!

    I once got to see a screening of this one on 16mm, what a gorgeous film!

  • sandra

    Did antone else see the ‘musical’ version of the movie ?

  • Shouldn’t one be Ray Milland and the other Rosey Greer?

  • You did? I’m envious; until now I’d only ever heard vaguely of this film. I’d forgotten it ever even existed!

  • Cullen Waters

    “Who’s the most remarkable extra-ordinary fellow?”

    “YOU! SIndbad the Sailor!

  • Flangepart

    Good on ya, sir!

  • It used to turn up on television every once in a while, and it seems I may have seen the film in a catalog once. Given my copy was taped from TV, I’ll have to find an official release one of these days!

  • “Go fors to sleep, my baby sweet, my baby sweet, my baby sweet! Go fors to sleep, my baby sweet, and I close for you your eyes a-like this!”

  • Rodford Smith

    There are times I really wish the Fleishers had done better financially. No telling what they would have created with a few more years of production.