Monster of the Day #616

Sadly, about the best picture I could find of this beastie.

  • Flangepart

    Gettin a ‘photo removed’ message here…

  • Ericb


  • Ken_Begg

    Picture reloaded. Hope it works now.

    I’ve heard ominous rumblings that Photobucket is eventually planning to force customers to use their new and HIGHLY inferior format. That leaves me in a quandary. I can stay there (and continue to pay them money) and work a zillion times harder to do the basic stuff I do here on the site, or look for a new site and pay Photobucket just to maintain the links I have already set up.

    I see NO indication that any of their changes were made at customer prompting. I think it’s just that they felt they had to ‘stay up to date’ and make the site trendier at the expense of utility. For the love of God, how does that make sense?

  • Ericb

    Yes it does. Perhaps they think that since they are involved with computers they need to follow the Microsoft/Mac business model and have regular updates and if they don’t they will lose the next generation of web users.

  • Ken_Begg

    Maybe, but even if so there is something annoying stupid but forcing people who are, unlike IMDB users, PAYING CUSTOMERS, to switch to a new format that is on the face of it less useful. The simple things I do know take like one step; for instance, I can drag a thumbnail to the desktop to drop in the blog. You can’t do that under the new design, which I guess would then require me to actually edit each photo to make a separate file so that I could then create a direct link to that discrete photo. From one step to like 12.

    The only reason they would force people to use the new site instead of offering both and letting people opt for which one they want is that they clearly fear the vast majority of users will stick with the old one and that they will then have to explain why they spent all this money on a redesign that nobody wants.

    It also does that jackass thing where instead of loading easy to scan pages of thumbnails it loads far fewer ones and then just load a few more when you scroll down the page. I have something like 25 pages of 20 photos in my MotD folders; imagine having to load all 500 like three at a time to find the one I want.

    I am extremely tempted if they force the issue to drop my paid ‘Pro’ account there, although I fear that will screw up the photos already posted here. This really, really sucks.

  • SteveWD

    “Bless the maker and his water, bless the coming and going of him, may his passing cleanse the world”

  • Lamest monster pay off ever!

  • Flangepart


    I once more have to admire the work ya do for us all.

    oh, and SteveWD…areb we talkin’ DUNE here

  • SteveWD

    Yup. It’s hard not to think of Dune anytime wormy looking sand critters are involved. Deadpanning “Again, it is the legend” and “God’s, what a monster!” in Patrick Stewart at his most bored also work.

  • A giant killer flower? I guess I missed this one, as the image draws a total blank.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Is this “Blood Beach”?

  • Cullen Waters

    I LOVE the tag line for this film. Wish like hell it would come on DVD or cable so I can actually see it sans commercials…

  • The Rev.

    Pretty sure it is. Man, this was a slow one.

    The sad thing is, this shot shows the monster better than the actual movie does. It kind of reminded me of an ambulatory anenome crossed with an artichoke.