Monster of the Day #600

As BOC might say, Gogos Godzilla!

This might be one of Gogos’ more famous images; I think the art was also used for the American theatrical release poster of this film, under the title Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster. That’s some nice stuff, there.

Here’s Gogos taking a whack at a fight that never happened, but should have! Nice to see his take on a later model. Apparently Godzilla liked fighting in front of volcanoes.

  • Flangepart

    Gidorah: Halt!(echos)Who goes there?

    Godzilla: What?

    Gid head 1: “We said, who goes there?”

    G: “Godzilla, king of the monsters!”

    Gid head 2: “The ‘wot?”

    Gid head 3: “‘E said e’s the king of the monsters.”

    Gid head 2: “Never ‘erd of ‘im.”

    G: “Your kidding, right?

    Gid head 1: “Ooh, I’ve heard of ‘im. Big fellow on this planet. Um…round, with a shell…”

    G: Shell? Wait, wait…”

    Gid head 2: How come you ‘erd of this bloke?

    Gid head 1: “I pay attention to the news, more then you two.”

    G: “Your thinking of that other creep…he’s a turtle…”

    Gid head 3: “Wot the ‘ell’s a turtle, mate?”

    G: Your guys are weird. really weird.”

    Gid head 1: “Weird? Wot do you mean?”

    G: “You all sound like a bunch of Englishmen?”

    Gidheads in unison: “…No we don’t…”

  • Hell yes!

  • Gamera977

    Yeah, sheer awesomeness!

  • Gamera977

    Actually I prefer the term- tortoise.

  • Indeed it was used for the American poster art, which raises the question of why Gogos didn’t do more movie posters. I’m sure he did a few, but he’ll always be known for his magazine covers. Sadly, though, as far as posters go, this would be the last time the Big Blue Dinosaur really got the star treatment. I mean, that’s just a beautiful poster!

    Side note: I don’t know how far back you’d have to dig, but I did post an entry at Baker’s Log showcasing the 70’s Godzilla posters, this one among them (also the pages from the theater give away comic for the US release of GODZILLA VS MEGALON).

  • I know I had this issue… I wonder if I still do…

  • I used to have this issue! I got it because I was a big Godzilla fan, and convinced that I knew everything about the Big Guy. Boy did I find out I was wrong (“Wait, who’s Varan? Or Gigan, or Baragon?”) Such happy memories; thanks for reminding me of them.