Monster of the Day #599

Man, E.T.’ s gonna be pissed.

  • The Rev.

    This segment of the movie is a little slow, but damn, this was a great little critter. One of my favorites, in fact. Just look at it!

    Plus (and I’m sure Will and Lyz would agree) it’s nice to see a cat treated as a hero in a movie for a change.

  • Flangepart

    “Jingle hells,human!”

  • sandra

    Quitters Inc was the best segment in Catseye, but you can’t really show a still from that, as its not horror. Well, maybe a shot of Al Waxman in that disco outfit …

  • It says something about CATSEYE that something so mundane and one-sided as “Quitters Inc” can be so gripping and, yes, even suspenseful. I was impressed. My favorite segment has to be the one with Robert Hayes being forced to walk the ledge of one of the most unique buildings I believe I’ve ever seen in a movie. But it was this last segment with the monster that everyone remembers, and for good reason! I also dig the end theme song from Ray Stevens. It’s right up there with his song for THE CANNONBALL RUN.

  • This movie is a good example of something I’ve noticed: Drew Barrymore was a much more compelling performer as a child. Seeing her during this period is always a treat, and she projects a ton more screen presence than she did as an adult. I saw E.T. again a couple years back. I still don’t understand what everyone sees in that film, but Drew is a delight. She never comes across as a child actor, but a real kid the camera just happened to catch at the right moment.

  • The Rev.

    I prefer the “Quitters Inc.” short story, which is rather more dark. The second segment’s pretty faithful to its short story; said story’s ending is slightly ambiguous, albeit in a way where you’re pretty certain how it will end. It actually makes the protagonist a bit more ruthless, though.