Monster of the Day #585

Holistic, my ass. How is this supposed to help my arthritis?

  • Gamera977

    If you hold a mutant to your ear you can hear the… OH NO, ARGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

  • Proto Predator.

  • Ken_Begg

    Indeed! An oddly decent movie for Greydon Clark.

  • Darn it, I remember this movie but I’ve forgotten the name. Mostly for having the actor who portrayed Corporal Agarn on F-Troop in it as a Scout leader who gets munched by the flying whatever they ares. “This tribe wasn’t know for their warriors, they were know for their baskets.”

  • I love this movie. IT CAME WITHOUT WARNING, one of the last old-fashioned B pictures (although very 80’s). It was good way to kick off the decade!

  • Thats why you don’t pop a zit.

  • I posted the film’s poster over in the forum, for those interested.

  • Gamera977

    Thanks for the poster photo Rock, Palace and Landau -why haven’t I seen this?

  • Petoht

    All I know about this, I learned from Good Bad Flicks, but still… looks like a B classic.

  • Yeah, I like this movie quite a bit.

  • The cast is a fairly spectacular collection of screen vets. What I want to know is, has there been an official release of this film yet? I taped it off television once, and I have a shorter version subtitled in German or something, but I’d simply love to add a prerecord to my library!