Monster of the Day #546

Not a great movie by any means (although it had it’s moments of lowgrade near-wit), but a great cast. This one might be remembered by Viewers of a Certain Age due to the fact, like CHUD, it got a LOT of play on movie channels back in the early days of cable.

Speaking of the awesome cast, bonus points for identifying this victim. No recourse to the IMDB or anything, though.

  • The movie is “The Being” directed by Jackie Kong, and the victim is Ruth Buzzi. And I have to be the only one in the world who went out of their way to stalk the local Best Buys for this the day it came out on DVD

  • MrTongoRad

    For some reason one part of my brain saw Gilda Radner but the other part insisted that made no sense. But Ruth Buzzi! I can both see and believe that one.

  • Ken_Begg

    So ironic. She worked so hard to escape the Lost Saucer, only to have this happen.

  • MrTongoRad

    After having to put up with Jim Neighbors and his opera singing, this might just come as some sort of relief.

  • One of the all time best bad movies of all time. This was one I would have loved to have seen a making of feature.

  • bgbear_rogerh

    if she had only had her purse.

  • Ken_Begg


  • The Rev.

    I saw a clip of an inept attack from this on the ‘net once. I saw the video box for many years in various stores, but never rented it, mostly because the one review I’d read of it was pretty harsh.
    Still, it’s one I should get around to someday, I suppose, along with Warning Sign and Mutant and that other one that’s like Mutant (Nightmare at Noon?)

  • KeithB

    It looks like Tom Hanks in his Bosum Buddies role.