UPDATED: Monster of the Day #459

I’m assuming this is the pet of the Atomic Submarine monster.

UPDATE: Here’s a better long shot of the same beastie. It sure is cute!

  • Flangepart

    “I say, what perisher stold my monocle, wot?”

  • bgbear_rogerh

    Pardon my clumsiness, I have depth perception problem don’t you know.

  • AIP reportedly gave Jim Danforth two days to do the new footage. He hung a sign outside his shop that said “AIP Can Go To Hell,” only to have the guys from the studio see it when they showed up.

  • “You’re a ‘Nobody’ too?  Must be a huge family.”

  • Ah, JOURNEY TO THE 7TH PLANET! Kinda scary to think that the original creatures were considered too goofy by AIP, which had earlier made a mint releasing Pink’s earlier REPTILICUS. Still, this critter is cool enough that the move seems okay. Although, take a look at the pic again. This one-eyed dinosaur is supposed to be a ‘rat’ monster? In the original version, it was a giant cyclopean snake monster.

    I brought the powerful brain creature (the planet’s puppet-master) back in a recent episode of Betsy the Bookwriter, amid a few other familiar and obscure space horrors.

  • Ericb

    I hope it’s Sid Pink week on MotD.

  • Flangepart

     (To the tune of the Sandy Frank song…)
    Sidney Pink, Sidney Pink- Movie goers feel his paaaain.
    Sidney pink, Sidney Pink,- FX rub aginst the graaaain.
    Sidney Pink, Sidney Pink,- When his career was in the blaaaack.
    Sidney pink, Sidney pink,- bet he’s never coming Baaack…