Monster of the Day #455

Really should have been better. I mean, it was OK, but meh.

  • Flangepart

    Yeesh. How can it bite anything with the mandibles in the way?
    “Hey, just slip in between them. I appreciate the help”

  • Beckoning Chasm

    If this is “The Relic,” then Lyz Kingsley’s review is well worth reading, just for the amount of venom!

  • You remember a lot more about it than I do. I saw the flick, but my memory of it is a total blank. I guess I should see it again, but I don’t recall being very impressed when it was over the first time (which I’m sure explains my fuzzy recall of the flick). In fact, I didn’t identify the movie based on the photo as a scene from the film, but because I once studied a model kit of the creature and remember the features of the kit.

  • Petoht

    I saw this movie in college when I was working for the English department.  A friend and I watch this and we loved it, but not because of the monster (well, bobbing for SWAT was pretty amusing).  The little old lady curator at the museum could have been a clone of one of the English professors.  They looked the same, had the same sardonic wit, and neither took nuttin’ from nobody.  We kept picturing the Prof in the movie and had a ball.

  • The Rev.

    Since it only goes for brains, it actually works pretty well.  Grab human from behind with mandibles, cut off head, sink teeth into back of head, and viola!

    The book was all right, but this was pretty stupid.  I preferred this version of the monster to the one on the book cover, even though this was more implausible by several degrees.

  • The Rev.

    If you Google “AYCYAS The Relic” you should get a direct link to the old one.  I was able to.

  • Flangepart

    Hummm…I wonder how often you know someone who makes you think “You should be eaten by a monster after looking for strange noises in the basement.”
    I know a couple…

  • Seeing someone in a movie who looks like someone you know can be amusing, but seeing someone in a movie who looks like you can be pretty weird. I’m still a little awed at THE NAKED WITCH, because the male lead in that picture looks EXACTLY like I did ten years ago when I wanted to be an actor. He even has the same delivery and mannerisms. (In many ways, it explains why I never actually became an actor.)

  • Beckoning Chasm

     Ha ha ha, Rock, nice though futile way to say you WEREN’T the actor in “The Naked Witch”!

    “No, no, no, it was me doppelganger, honestly.” – Karl Pilkington.

  • There was a time when I wondered if I was destined to travel back to the 1960’s, change my name, and make independent exploitation films out of Texas…. But it never happened, and I’m a little disappointed about that.