Monster of the Day #418

Well, I was sort of hoping for something kind of *manly*, but whatever.

  • Ericb

    I like that lady a lot more than yesterday’s.

  • Oh look.  The guy in that picture has a Roman 9 carved into his chest.  Unless that’s not a part of the original art.  Then never mind.

    (We seem to be moving through the different types of Pulp heroines.  First the Victim, then the She-Devil, now the Useful One.  Wonder who pop up tomorrow.)

  • Anonymous

    I can promise to be useful, but not to look as good in a spaghetti halter dress while I do it.  The color and length are fine, but noone wants to see bingo wings during an escape attempt.

  • Flangepart

    Uh…’Bingo Wings’?
    Ah…do we see those in pictures of Wal-Martians? If so…EWwwww…

  • Ericb

    Hey, it’s 1943!  Shouldn’t those be Nazi aliens?

  • Rock Baker

    Loretta Young and Randolph Scott battle the Technicolor demons of a forgotten world in ESCAPE FROM THE PRISON ON THE HAUNTED PLANET OF THE DAMNED!

  • Beckoning Chasm

    If I remember correctly, Planet Stories was rather notorious in its day for having stories that were somewhat risque.  (Of course I imagine nowadays they’d be seen as quaint.)

  • Rock Baker

    Well, yes and no. Planet was part of the Fiction House line of magazines and comics (including a Planet Comics title). The sales hook for Fiction House was cheesecake. Lots and lots of cheesecake. (It was Fiction House, for example, which gave us Sheena, Phantom Lady, Mysta of the Moon, and Sky Girl, among many, many others.) For the comic book lines, the mandate was that every single page feature a scantily clad female form on prominent display. This was also SOP for the magazine covers. It was successful tactic for a long while -until the Comics Code scuttled the came into being, and the Fiction House stuff retains a large fan base to this day. But, while pulchritude was pouring off of every available page, the content of the stories themselves were pretty tame. In fact, the heroes and heroines of the Fiction House line are noted for being of impeccable moral character. 

  • Rock Baker

    I wonder if my Video Cheese pieces have been moved to another day….

  • sandra

    it looks liek several species of alien are working together:  blue with uh, shoulder fins ( who doesn’t look much like a behemoth to me), purple with tentacles, tomato red with pincers – Lobster Man – though they do seem to have being aquatic in common.

  • The Rev.

    My fog led me to forget to mention my birthday last Sunday.  I got Godzilla Raids Again and the “V for Vendetta” graphic novel.  Plus some Andes mints, because they are delicious.
    Anyway, consider this thread hijacked.  MUWHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!
    P.S.  I actually started my B-Fest write-up, mostly out of shame that people on the BMMB already had theirs done last week.

  • Rock Baker

    Belated Happy Birthday!