Monster of the Day #413

“THE DEADLY BLONDE WENCH OF WAIKIKI: Only Ed Conn* could take her passion and still elude the fiendish plot she laid.”

I’m trying to draw the lines between that blurb and the cover art, and am not having overmuch success.

I do have to say, how has somebody not done a TV show based on these things? The best part is a cheap budget–rubber octopi, etc.–would actually be a plus in this regard.

[*No relation to Conn Ed, presumably.]
  • Flangepart

    All Amurrican Henti. Ewww…
    But like I said, pulp covers will amuse us for weeks.

  • Ericb

    Beware of women named Ed.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Perhaps they accidentally added “ly” to “Dead.”  It still doesn’t make sense but it’s a bit closer.

  • Anonymous

    So who is the monster here? The Deadly Blonde Wench of Waikiki or the octopus?

  • Anonymous

    by donning his octopus disguise, Ed was able to slip by the native guards and free Miss D.B. Wench from her underwater prison.  “No time to dress Miss Wench, they are on to us”

    (that is the meanest looking bunch of fish I have ever seen)

  • Sandy Petersen

    Shouldn’t we be discussing Iris Bristol as well, along with presumably pernicious trends in women’s nighties?

  • Anonymous

    Actually, my assumption is that Ed Conn is the octupus, married by the Blonde Wench who then schemed to have her lover (the spear guy) kill him for the insurance. Sort of a James M. Cain sort of deal, but with more cephalopods.

  • Rock Baker

    This looks like any random section of my wall! Actually, I’d love to have this image (Bristol, octopus, whole thing) printed out large enough for me to cover one of my walls with it. This is just great stuff, but what magazine is it from? (And are there any more scans of Iris?) 

  • Anonymous

    Man, this system does not like links. Anyway, Google “deadly blonde wench of waikiki” for a pretty big scan of the entire cover.

  • Rock Baker


  • The Rev.

    Well, not sure about the nighties, but yes, we should definitely be discussing Iris.  Yowza.

  • Rock Baker

    Just so you know, you’ll be able to see a bigger scan of this at Baker’s Log very soon, along with a few other goodies.

  • sandra

    You know, In cockney rhyming slang “Bristol Cities” means – oh, never mind.


    “Close yer mouth, you’ll drown slower, honey!”

    The Octopus looks like an alien. Is there a Sci-Fi subplot to this underwater adventure? And Iris? Oh…momma…

  • Flangepart

    Yeah Ken, this system hates links. Related to HAL 5000 maybe?