Monster of the Day #409

Hmm, 1926. The ad campaign using the tag “Quick, Henry, the flit!” wasn’t started until 1928. Ah, well. (Trivia note: the art for those long-running Flit ads was done by a pre-Dr. Seuss Theodor Geisel.

Anyway, nice to know there were big monster nerds that early.

  • Anonymous

    Ya know, with a cover like that I couldn’t help but pick that magazine up.

    Amazing was no Astounding but still something about a giant fly that draws the eye…

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Ah, Frank R. Paul.  When he was on and inspired, nobody drew them better.

  • Sandy Petersen

    My dad owned many pulps from the late 40s and through the 50s, as they gradually transformed into more normal magazines. I grew up as a kid reading those old things and marveling at the covers. He still has the pulps but the damn acidic they’re made of is crumbling them away. It’s sad.

  • Rock Baker

    Next month’s issue: Army vs giant gnat! Amazing how ahead of its time this image is! Sad to think how we’ve lost such wonder and imagination in advertising/selling/buying.

  • Anonymous

    I think we need a bigger newspaper

  • Flangepart

    Yup, this just screams ‘Read Me!’
    Big bugs and little men. A match made in advertising heaven.