Monster of the Day #407

Never saw this one, although I guess it was an MST3K subject. Very Two-Face like.

  • Flangepart

    Ah, yes. Lots of Brit jokes with that one.
    Shocking, eh?

  • Anonymous

    None of this would have happened had Lembach just managed to see through the shenanigans!

    We’ve got an MST3K disc with this one, The Phantom Planet and Puma Man on it, and decided to marathon it for New Years Eve, taking us through to midnight. That was a pretty great night of TV, and it’s fresh enough in my mind that I can recognize a MOD without any hints!

    I wouldn’t watch it without Mike and the ‘bots, though- as Mike say s”in this movie, even when something happens, nothing happens.”

  • Ericb

    That actor is a dead ringer for Will Seargent of Echo and the Bunnymen.  I would have made a joke about it but I’d doubt anyone would know what I was refering to.

  • Anonymous

    If you’d have kept it to something like “The Killing Moon” I might have gotten it.

  • Cullen Waters

    Don’t you mean “Shocking, watt?”

  • Rock Baker

    Ah, THE PROJECTED MAN. I think it was just last year (maybe the year before) that I got to see a nice, uncut, scope print of this one. Not bad, I thought, which may be why it worked so well on MST (I’ve noticed some of their best episodes tend to be built around movies that are actually pretty good -THE DEADLY MANTIS, THIS ISLAND EARTH, etc).

    The real tragedy here is that the beauteous Tracy Crisp only made a scant handful of films, and she may have been her most visible as poor Sheila. For what little exposure she had, she certainly made an impression on me.

    And yes, in the MST version, Tom once refers to Dr. Steiner as “The English Harvey Dent.” 

  • That guy was also The Great Vollari in another MST3K episode called ‘Devil Doll’. He bickered with his ugly dummy and eventually got his soul trapped in it.

  • Ericb

    “Did someone just paw my puppet?”

  • Fisheyenomiko

    You’re an ugly little dummy.
    And you can’t have any ham!

    Also:  This actor, Bryan Haliday, was a co-founder of Janus films, which brought many foreign films to the US.  So, if you enjoy, say, Kurosawa or Fellini, you have him and Cyrus Harvey Jr (the other co-founder) to thank for introducing them to US audiences.

  • Flangepart

    “Crap! That’s the last time I high five the Human Torch…”

  • The Rev.

    I remember actually being delighted when I saw Halliday’s name in the credits for this, based on his entertainingly hammy performance in Devil Doll.  I didn’t know about his connection to Janus, though.

  • Anonymous

    You know, being serious for a minute… this guy looks a LOT like Tim Roth.