Monster of the Day #382

Well, I guess the Nays have it, then.

  • Anonymous

    Yesterday’s puns were so bad I poked my own eyes out so I wouldn’t have to read them!

    YES, another movie I have seen- kinda so-so, not really a bad movie but not that great either.

    BTW: Good to have you back Rock!

  • Ericb

    No, don’t, for sake of your sanity as well your immortal soul, don’t make the mistake I made, don’t watch Sextette!

  • Anonymous

    “next week on Mythbusters: Can sitting too close to the TV ruin your eyes?”

  • Flangepart

    “Well, Mom said I’d go blind…”

  • Rock Baker

    Thanks a heap! It’s great to be back with the gang!

  • Rock Baker

    I’m finally able to join the party again, and here’s a creature I’ve never seen before! Of all the disgraces, I missed The Astounding She Monster!

  • Rock Baker

    Is this Peter Fonda in something? I know it’s not Cushing in Tales From The Crypt, but that’s all I know!

  • Anonymous

    I’m too lazy to go dig out my DVD but I believe it’s Amicus films ‘And Now The Screaming Starts’. Peter Cushing is in the movie if I’ve got the right one here.

  • Frank Bauroth

    Someone HAD to watch Double Agent 73.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  That’s an awesome title.  Regardless of the film, that’s the best movie title I’ve heard in ages.

  • Marsden

    I wouldn’t mind seeing that, once maybe.