Monster of the Day #381

I think you’ll agree this scene is rather in tents.

  • Ericb

    I saw this movie as a little kid and that image is the only thing I remember about it.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, the monster is out standing and only just now reaching in tent city.

  • It’s part of his camp-ain of terror.

  • Anonymous

    yeesh, the occupy crowd gets yucky after a few weeks of no plumbing.

  • Flangepart

    “That monster has Gun too far!”

  • Rock Baker

    I can post! I can post! I’m back! Hi there!

  • Anonymous


  • I find that joke a-pole-ing.

  • Eh, I wouldn’t call it that-arpaulin.

  • Flangepart

    He’s just canvasing for new customers.

  • The Rev.

    What is this?  I’m afraid I don’t recognize it.

  • Sandy Petersen

    I think it’s The Abominable Snowman, by Hammer. But there are other possibilities.

  • Rock Baker

    Sandy’s right, this is Hammer’s Yeti movie from 1957 or ’58. Peter Cushing AND Forrest Tucker! What fun! Also one of the scant few bigfoot/yeti movies that’s really good, so it’s novel too!

  • sandra

    What movie is it ?

  • Rock Baker

    The Abominable Snowman. A Hammer Film production in CinemaScope yet.

  • Marsden

    Hey Rock!  Glad to see you.