Monster of the Day #356

Seth McFarland’s upcoming Flintstones update* looks weirder than I thought.

[*Yes, McFarland will be gutting updating the Flintstones for Fox. We can finally get those Fred / Wilma anal sex jokes we’ve always wanted!]
  • Ericb

    “*Yes, McFarland will be gutting updating the Flintstones for Fox. We can finally get those Fred / Wilma anal sex jokes we’ve always wanted”

    Oy vey.  On the other hand they could have gone on the Ron Moore road and made it all dark and stuff. 

  • Anonymous

    does Seth McFarland have a picture of some Fox exec sleeping with an underage goat?

  • The Rev.

    This may have been my favorite scene, because the forced perspective (or whatever they’re doing to make this guy seem huge) is fantastic, especially considering the budget.

  • David Fullam

    Too bad the giant can’t chase him into the barrier.

  • Flangepart

    Early Cardassians.

  • I said it in another post but I like the idea of an updated Flintstones show.  It would have been cool story if they had cancelled The Simpsons and replaced it with The Flintstones, but yeah, I’m cringing at the idea of The Family Guy guy taking over it.

  • By the way, did you mess up the count?  Shouldn’t this be 356?

  • Thats always been my theory. For a network as cancel happy as Fox, why have McFarlane’s shows avoided the axe?

  • The second Fred makes a “Like The Time I Somthinged With Something” joke, I’m mailing Seth McFarlane an anthrax bomb.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, man be careful with those comments! I know you meant it as a joke and I doubt it’ll go any further than here but Law Enforcement takes those kinds of statements seriously.

  • David Fullam

    Family Guy struggled in it’s first season or so. But the story went that a Fox exec was enormously fond of the show and made sure it stuck around. Then people with little or no brains all discovered the series and decided “that sure is funny.” And the rest is history. I weep for the human race.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    “Family Guy” bombed and Fox canceled it…only to watch the DVD become a huge best seller.  I think they’ll do anything to keep him happy now.  Haven’t seen the show since it came back but reports are it’s pretty bad.

    I’ll admit the first volume of FG was very funny.  The second was pretty so-so, once it became clear that Seth MacFarland only has one schtick.

  • I’m sure law enforcement has its hands full with the millions of other threatening statements made online everyday to bother taking me seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Well for your sake I certainly hope so.

  • Anonymous

    Well, Family Guy got canned in its 3rd season.  Then a massive online campaign got the show back.  My theory has always been that Seth then figured he was invincible and could churn out whatever garbage he wanted, and it would go on the air (see: Cleveland Show).

  • David Fullam

    Yeah, as the old saying goes “I scratch my head and wonder why.”