Monster of the Day #350

“Trick or tre…. Uh, never mind.”

  • Flangepart

    Ah, the outer limits. The thinking man’s monster show.

  • Ericb

    The one thing  don’t like about The Outer Limits was that they always spoiled the monster reveals with those teasers at the beginnings.  I’m sure the network brass forced them to do it because they thought no one would watch unless they knew absolutely and positively that there would be a monster in the episode.  But, really, the mystery of what the monster looks like is half the appeal of a monster movie.

  • Yeah. You know, I was never able to get past the ‘new’ Outer Limits taking that name. The original Outer Limits had its moments of darkness, plenty of them. But it was basically an optimistic show; Man would progress, and whatever was out there offered up good that outweighed the dangers.

    The new Outer Limits, however, was pessimistic a series as I ever saw. At least half the episodes ended with the characters, and often the entire world, hopelessly boned. I guess you could say one was true to the ’60s, and the other to the ’90s, but that never sat well with me. Like the TriStar ‘Godzilla’ movie, I’d have been a lot easier on it if it had just been named something else.

  • The biggest problem with this particular episode was how Robert Culp ended up as the subject.  You’d have thought they’d have specified “unmarried” as a necessary factor.

    The Outer Limits was one of the best half-hour shows out there.  (Yes, I know it was actually an hour long.  That’s my point.)

  • Anonymous

    Cool, I am already registered with Disqus, except I only have my handle bgbear.  This is roger h. 

    Culp has to have a wife so you can have the youngish but, world weary woman in the episode.  That’s what I remember most besides the monsters.