Monster of the Day #347

Well, that sucks.

  • Gamera

    It’s Dale Gribble’s Bugabago!!!

    Ok, maybe not…

  • Isn’t that from Popcorn? I’m fairly sure it had a mosquito movie in there somewhere.

  • I have tragically seen SKEETER, MOSQUITO, and a German movie about a guy nicknamed Moskito who sucks blood through an appliance. I have somehow avoided MANSQUITO, but it’s only a matter of time.

    Yet the fact that mosquitos kill more humans than any other animal even today, at their small size, goes unnoticed by horror film artists. Alas.

  • The Rev.

    Cullen: Yes, it is indeed the “Mosquito!” film-in-a-film from Popcorn. Definitely a highlight of the movie.

    I was a big fan of that movie in high school; my sister and I would watch it whenever it came on. I haven’t seen it in many years; however, I think I’d still like it, since I saw it enough to remember things pretty well.

  • fish eye no miko

    “This is the last time we visit Minnesota in July!”

  • Rock Baker

    Okay, I HAVE to see this!

  • The Rev.

    Rock: Just so you know what you’re getting into…

    It’s primarily a riff on “Phantom of the Opera,” with a madman stalking a horror movie festival and killing off the group running the show. (There are reasons for this but I’m not going to go into them.) During the festival, they show clips of the three movies running, which were all filmed in various styles. “Mosquito!” is easily the most entertaining of the three, and in fact even figures into the climax. (I can’t recall the first one, but the third one, “The Stench,” was pretty lame from what little we saw of it. Wisely, get a few clips from “Mosquito!”)

    It’s pretty light material for the most part, although there is a mean streak (one death in particular reflects this.) It has almost no blood and gore, so even Ken can enjoy it!

    With all this talk about it, I need to hunt it up and rewatch it.