Monster of the Day #342

Worst version of Lady & the Tramp kiss ever.

  • sandra

    Is this from one of the Elm Street movies ?

  • mmmmmmaybe. So, I guess the theme this week is limbless horrors? Does this mean we might get a visit from The Brain?

  • fish eye no miko

    It’s the third Elm Street movie.

    Which I know because they used an image from this scene on The Agony Booth. (-:

  • The Rev.

    Yeah, fish eye’s got it. I just saw this for the first time last year. I was surprised how good it was, since most of the other sequels suck so badly (although I’ve not seen the 4th one yet.) I had to remember that the Craven ones are the good ones (well, that and FvJ, or so I understand as I have only seen parts of it.)

  • Yes, the three canon films are NoES, NoES III Dream Warriors and Final Nightmare.

    WIth the Jason one.

  • Freddie vs. Jason was precisely the level of quality and action that I desired from a film with that title.

    It’s not a given either. Werewolves on Wheels, Evil Toons, and Satan’s Cheerleaders sound awesome, but they do NOT deliver. On the other hand, Frankenhooker, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Snakes on a Plane give you precisely what you ought to expect.

    So well done, Freddie vs. Jason.

  • The Rev.

    I have a soft spot for Evil Toons. (Part of it may be that it was one of the first movies I saw on Job Bob’s Drive-In on The Movie Channel.) I can’t really defend it, but I rather like it anyway.

  • Rock Baker

    I thought I should tell everyone that I’ll be out of action for a while because the computer died today. I’m using my brother’s laptop to check in today though. I’ll miss MOTD.

    My two cents, this film proves an interesting offshoot of Ken’s Rule of Degrading Sequels. There are occasions when it is the third entry that proves superior, as with the A Nightmare on Elm Street and Puppet Master series. Weird.

  • Rock — Hope you’re back in action soon!!

    Rev, Sandy — Also a minor fan of Evil Toons, although it’s no Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, a film that definitely deserves a spot on Sandy’s thumbs up list. Hmm, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers…. I wonder if I could get that past the T-Fest ladies.

  • Gamera


    Good luck with your computer, just got mine back tonight, seems there was a short in the power supply and two different computer shops couldn’t figure that was why it kept shutting down at random times 8(

    Thankfully the guys at shop number three were a little sharper…

  • sandra

    Personally, I thought SATAN’S CHEERLEADERS was a lot of fun.

  • Rock — I assume your state still hasn’t chase away Amazon affiliates? You should join and put links up on your blog. Couldn’t hurt, right?

  • The problem is that Evil Toons gives us like 10 seconds of actual evil toon action. And Satan’s Cheerleaders? Any of us could write a script in an hour that would be better than the one they had. Plus ours would feature actual satan-worshiping cheerleaders.

    S C R A T C H! Gooooo SATAN!! Yayyy (jump around waving flaming pom-poms).

  • The Rev.

    The lack of actual evil ‘toon is definitely a problem. Still, the obvious fun the cast is having helps carry things along, for me at least, along with David Carradine as the Van Helsing wannabe, and one of the most blatant and ridiculous topless scenes ever filmed. Like I said, I can’t defend it or my soft spot for it, but it’s there nonetheless.

    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers would be a great closer for T(ween)-Fest, since T-Fest has to close with a T-Rex movie WHICH IS GOING TO BE ATTACK OF THE SUPERMONSTERS COME 2012 SO HELP ME SHUB-NIGGURATH AND ALL HER THOUSAND YOUNG.

  • Rock Baker

    Ken, I should be able to check my email and everything again Sunday evening. Can you email me and tell me a little about how being an affiliate works?