Monster of the Day #340

Some films are blessed with a lame title. This was blessed with two of them. (Not counting the hilarious Portuguese title.)

  • The Rev.

    Is this that ’80s genie movie, The Outing? I’ve never seen it, but I saw a screenshot of the critter once, and it looked like this thing here.

  • Flangepart

    (It looks like a hunters trophy in this show, soooo…)

    ” I got this one in the Himalyas, you see. Ruddy begger ate two sherpas for I potted ’em. Unique, ‘eh what?”

  • Rock Baker

    I’ve been clipped! When I bought that door, the guy promised me it’d be Martian-proof!

    I have absolutely no idea what this is from. I’m looking forward to learning the multiple titles.

  • The Rev.

    If this is indeed the movie I guessed, the other title would be The Lamp.

  • Rev is correct, this is indeed the killer genie movie The Outing. (I wish I could say it was a piece of slyness on my part that I used The Outing the day after Monster in the Closet, but I only noticed it afterward.) It joins such other screwed-by-supernatural-forces movies as The Evil, Witchcraft, the Leprechaun series, and of course the granddaddie of them all, The Omen.

    As if The Outing wasn’t about the scariest title since The Picnic, the film is indeed also known, as again Rev notes, as The Lamp, another intrinsically frightening moniker. The Portegese title, L├ómpada do Terror, however, thus seems a little on the redundant.

  • Rock Baker

    The Outing? The Lamp? Okay, folks, get set for a new slate of blood-curdling terror-toppers! The Doorknob! The Ice Tray! The Shoe! The Caulking Gun! The Band-aid! The Cigarette! The Mailbox! The Cow! The flyswatter! CAN YOU STAND THE TERROR?!!!?

  • I saw this movie and didnt’ like a single second of it. Plus THE OUTING isn’t even correct for what the movie is. I mean, the kids are hanging out in an old museum or something. How is that an Outing?

    It was even worse than Evil Dead Trap 3, which I watched yesterday. Which was better than Evil Dead Trap 2.

  • sandra

    I thought The Outing referred to the er, genie being outed. As in Coming Out of the Closet, like the lamprey-gorilla ( you wonder how his parents ever got it on).