Lots o’ Halloween movies in Chicagoland…

Five or six years ago a couple of friends and I had to DRIVE TO MILWAUKEE to see a showing of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein, just to see something Halloween-ish. Now Chicago is exploding with stuff.

I should note that the shows at the Portage listed below are all being run by groups other than my friends who do the monthly monster movie slates. They will also be doing their annual week of night time double features the week before Halloween, but they haven’t announced their schedule yet. So that right there will add four or five shows to the stuff below.

Sep 16/17th (McHenry Drive-In) Psycho and The Exorcist double bill

Sep 23/24 Night of the Creeps Midnight Show

Oct 5 (Portage Theater) The Black Room A period thriller in which Boris Karloff plays twins, one good, one murderous.

Oct 7-13 (Music Box Theatre) Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Oct 9th (Music Box Theatre) Carrie Shown by ‘camp’ group, though.

Oct 8th The Mummy (Karloff) and The Mummy (Brendan Frasier)

Oct 15-16th (Music Box Theatre) Music Box Massacre #7 Annual 24 hour horror movie fest. The current line-up as stands (might change a bit)
Wizard of Gore (Director Herschell Gordon Lewis in Person)
Burn Witch Burn
Hour of the Wolf
The Abominable Dr. Phibes
Gates of Hell
The Vampire Lovers
Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things
The Sentinel
From Dusk ‘Til Dawn

Oct 16th-19th Labyrinth

Oct 19th (Portage Theater) The Ghost & Mr. Chicken!
Oct 20th (Portage Theater) Phantom of the Opera The Lon Chaney version with live organ accompaniment.

Oct 21/22nd (Music Box Theatre) The Room with Tommy Wiseau in residence

Oct 21/22nd Zombie Midnight shows

Oct 22nd-27th (Music Box Theatre) Unspecified slate of Universal classic horror flicks. All the usual suspects, especially the solo titles. Creature of the Black Lagoon will be shown in 3-D. And the Music Box is the rare theater that does 3-D right.

Oct 28th-31st (Hollywood Palms Theaters in both Naperville and Woodridge) The Exorcist Linda Blair live guest. Multiple shows at a pair of suburban theaters

Nov 4/5th The Thing Midnight showings of Carpenter’s classic