Monster of the Day #318

Why men should never got to Macy’s during a white sale.*

[*Why, yes, my jokes do all date back to the ’50s, thank you very much.]
  • roger h

    Is that a white sale during snow storm?

  • Flangepart

    That’s monsterS, plural, thank you very much.

    “I’m sorry they ran out of skin softener! Noooooo!…”

  • John Campbell

    I think Ken’s jokes are great even if he is a mysoganistic dinosaur.

    (I KID!! I actually do enjoy his jokes!)

    The MoTD nearly happened to me when I had been laid off and was working at Meijer’s. They had a ridiculously cheap type of sale on suave shampoo. After clearing the shelves an angry crowd eagerly awaited my arrival with a 4 foot by 4 foot crate of the stuff. I was pinned against shelving for nearly 10 minutes.

    You’d have thought the stuff cured cancer…

  • Rock Baker

    I love The She Demons. Dandy little island picture with a terrific score that could pound nails into pine! Seeing Irish McCalla in a lead role is pretty nifty too!

    As a side note, the original double bill was with the under-rated Giant From the Unknown. (sigh) What magical times they were!

  • When I was a kid, I watched She Demons on Chiller Theater in my parent’s “finished” basement (Saturday night) – by myself. When it came to the part where the wife tore back her bandages and showed her skeletal eye sockets, I ran up the stairs in terror (having switched off the lights accidentally) – but my dad had locked the door – Yikes! So this film is one of my all time favorites – go figure…

  • Kirk

    Death by snu-snu?