Monster of the Day #307


  • Ericb

    So, a priest, a rabbi and a goat walk into a bar …

  • NEVER TRUST A GOAT! EVER! Even the little ones are up to something. I swear, they’re worse than cats.

  • I swear, they’re worse than cats.

    So they’re the exact opposite of the Amazing Alexander’s show?

  • The Rev.

    Awwwwww, goaty!

    I think goats are keen. I also like cats.

    I guess I’m Cullen’s nemesis now?

  • roger h

    You goat to be kidding me.

    in Soviet Union, the goat gets you

  • Gamera

    I think I’ve seen this one. Is it a Sam RAMi film?

  • roger h

    No, I think it was directed by Ewe Bolle, oh sorry, that should have been yesterday’s joke.

    I usually try to avoid puns but, my humor has been capricious lately.

  • Ericb

    OT: If anyone is interested (Ken?) I just read that the complete Hitchhiker series has been released on DVD.

  • Rock Baker

    Whatever it is, I haven’t seen it. What is it? Some devil movie? I don’t watch a lot of those.

    The only other goat monster that comes to mind is the final form of the titular menace in Incubus, the esperanto-spoken art-flick made by the crew of The Outer Limits and starring a pre-fame William Shatner. Though I guess you could make a case to include various cinematic cult leaders who wear ram masks as part of their ceremonies, and Ernest Borgnine in The Devil’s Rain.

  • roger h

    The goat does not appear to have goat eyes.

  • Gamera

    I am guessing it’s from ‘Drag Me To Hell’ but I’m not at all sure.

  • Huntress

    I’m pretty sure it’s from “Drag Me to Hell”.

  • The Rev.

    roger: I noticed that as well, but wasn’t sure if it was just the angle of the shot or what. If it has non-goat eyes, that’d actually be creepier than their normal eyes, I think.

    This is from Drag Me to Hell? That would explain my unfamiliarity with it.

  • Mr. Rational

    Well, we know who the scapegoat’s gonna be here.

    It’s the classic actor, Billy Bitey!

    Obviously, this guy’s performance was panned. (Think about it…)

    Come on, man — buck it off!

    Okay, I’m done. I was gonna do the Soviet Union thing too, but roger beat me to it.

  • Mr. Rational

    Okay, one more —

    Hey, man, is that kosher?

  • The Rev. – Nah. I can’t expect everyone to be wise to the evil ways of goats. The way you could be just standing there, minding your own business, then WHAM! Horns to the gut.

    And yes. Over thirty years later I still hold a grudge.

    Incidentally, I like cats, too. Own one in fact. But they’re still evil things, given half a chance.

  • Flangepart

    Is it possible Cats and Goats are the real Illuminati?

    BLACK SHEEP, right? Boy, New Zealand has a really dark side to it.

  • The Rev.

    Cullen: Sorry to hear about that. The worst that a goat did to me was try to eat my handkerchief. One might have stepped on my foot as well, but compared to the horse that did that once, it was nothing at all.

    Maybe I’ve just met non-evil goats in my life.