Monster of the Day #288


  • Flangepart

    “Look at me, I’m messin’ up flight sceduels!”

    Uh…do you realize he’s flying by jet propulsion provided by flatulence?
    Acid flatulence from twin exausts.
    No wonder they called the guy in marketing ‘Hedora!’

  • Ericb

    This one is actually kind of cute, like a LOL Hedorah:

    “Iz in yur sky makin farts”

  • The Rev.

    Now, will there be a new monster tomorrow, or will Ken go with the fourth version of Hedorah? You could damn near do a week of just this guy!

  • Ericb

    Someone should do a crossover story “Hedorah vs. Captain Planet” where Hedorah fights, slimes and dissolves the Captain Planet crew.

  • Tork_110

    Just walk around not wearing a helmet.

  • John Campbell

    If only someone had lit a match.

    But then Big G wouldn’t get to flex his kaiju muscle.

  • Rock Baker

    Well, the folks and my Brother are on their way to this year’s G-Fest with Godzilla AND a new Varan suit! If you’re in the area this week, wander by and cast a glance!

  • The Rev.

    Let us see the Varan costume! That Godzilla one was bad-ass!

  • Rock Baker

    If I catch a YouTube video with the suit, I’ll post the link. I don’t know if this one will get on local TV or not, but if it does it will be after the convention.

  • Rock Baker Here’s a video slide show of the suit roaming around in a local town I was able to dig up.

  • Gamera

    Awesome Varan suit Rock, your brother and dad do awesome work! I have to get to G-Fest someday, please post photos!

    I tried making a Portuguese Man-of-War Man suit from ‘Sting of Death’ but I must have used the wrong sort of garbage bag for a head since I couldn’t wear it for more than ten minutes without passing out….. ;)

  • Rock Baker

    Then I’d say it was exactly the right bag, since Doug Hobart had the same problem!

  • Gamera — But that’s the exact right kind of garbage bag, because that happened to the film’s actor, too!

    (Ah, but I see that Rock precedes me.)

  • Flangepart

    Nice varan!
    Did you see the ‘suit making special’ on the Daikaiju
    Baran DvD by Media Blasters?

  • Rock Baker

    That documentary about the 1958 suit was used throughout the construction of the 2011 suit, being used as a guide. The biggest mystery it cleared up was what to make the back spikes out of (as you can see, Pop and Kyle could never fully get the curve out of the hose they used)!