Monster of the Day #278

A bit of unfinished business from last week.

  • Flangepart

    And no, ‘Walderac’ is not part of my speech impediment.

  • John Campbell

    Shouldn’t this be #278?

    And isn’t that Karloff?

    What movie be this?

  • alex

    Black Sabbath from Mario Bava, horror anthology film from 1963. This his the third segment on the American version (second in the Italian one) called The Wurdalak. A vampire that only attacks members of his family.

  • roger h

    Recently I spotted Karloff in the Buster Keaton classic “The General”. Easy for an Englishman to play a Union officer in a silent movie.

  • I just saw The General lately, and I’m really not sure that’s Karloff. We never get a single really good look at this face–the scene seems almost weirdly designed to avoid one–and when he stands, he seems a bit shorter than Karloff should be. The debate goes on.

  • JC – Numbering error corrected. Thanks for spotting it!

  • roger h

    Looked tall to me. Of course Keaton is short. I spotted him with no idea he was in the movie at all based on Karloff like mannerism/appearance just like you don’t need to hear him in “Scareface” to know it is him.

    Didn’t know it was unconfirmed. Interesting, next you’ll tell me Merritt Stone was not in “The Rebel Set” ;)

  • roger h
  • Rock Baker

    Karloff also menaced Stan and Ollie in, I believe, the French version of Pardon Us. (The common practice at the time was to make multiple versions of a film for various countries. Rather than dub one print in assorted languages, the same film would be shot three or four times spoken in a different language. The Boys would have their lines translated and told to them before a scene. In one version of this particular film, Karloff made it in, but American audiences never got to see it!)

  • zombiewhacker

    Rock mentioned that the AIP Black Sabbath had been released by AC. If memory serves, Sinister Cinema also had the AIP version up for sale at one time. No longer, they took it down after somebody (Anchor Bay maybe) released the Italian version on DVD for a short time.