Monster of the Day #240 BONUS

Haven’t done these for a while. Sweet!

And while we’re at it…

  • Damn, to be chewed to pieces by turtles…

  • That would suck. And snapping turtles are mean, so this isn’t way off. However, I don’t see turtles climbing up someone like that, either.

  • KeithB

    I also don’t think that snapping turtles travel in packs, though some Mad Scientist might have crossed a snapping turtle with a pirahna.

    (Wait! Call the SyFy channel!)

  • Ericb

    I’d wish they’d gone with the killer pig option on the first one. I also like how the first title that grabs your eye is the one about “glamour girls then and now” which for a split second makes you think that’s the caption for the picture of the guy being eaten by bats.

  • We have a snapping turtle in the creek by my workplace. At T-fest y’all can make a brief field trip to admire it if you like. Now I’m worried that it’s going to get a gang together and come gank me and the other guys here.

  • Gamera

    At least these snapping turtles are close to normal size- I love the cover Ken posted last time with ‘giant’ turtles that were about half the size of normal snappers.

  • Sandy — You should totally willard that turtles and his friends and create a murderous terrapin army!

    Or would that be TERRORpin?

  • roger h

    In the Stag world, the food eats you.


  • The Rev.

    “Or would that be TERRORpin?”

    That’d be the title of the Siffy movie.

    Sandy: I definitely want to go out there and look for the turtle! Near our apartment there’s a good-sized pond that houses many, many catfish, waterfowl, and turtles, including two very large snappers. I love going out there.

    The lady of the house hates the snappers ever since she saw one eat a duckling. It was like a tragedy waiting to play out: this duckling was sitting alone on the bank, no family in sight, then it goes out in the water. I turned my head because of a landing cormorant, and noticed movement from the corner of my eye. Even as I turned, and saw the snapper’s neck retreating back down into the murky depths, I heard her say, “I did NOT just see that duckling get eaten.” Her disbelieving words were for naught, and she’s called them “the assholes of the pond” ever since.

  • roger h

    Rev., I think your wife made a “snap” judgement there. I am sure the turtle felt just awful:
    “I weep for you,” the Snapper said:
    “I deeply sympathize.”
    With sobs and tears swallowed
    The little yellow prize,
    Holding his pocket-handkerchief
    Before his streaming eyes.

  • Rock Baker

    Ughh!. Each image is a perfect nightmare! All make my “I’d hate to die that way” list. (Actually, I’m sure any character so represented survived the tale being told, since most of these stories are told first-person, and usually based upon real-life events. A lot happens to the story on the way to the printers, but the base is in reality, usually.) Fantastic art as always, though.

  • Foywonder

    Okay, I now have to find that issue of Hunting Adventures. Killer snapping turtles – I love it.

    Then I genetically crossbreed them with piranhas and sell it to Syfy as TURANAHA. When the Syfy execs scoff at the notion I remind them they’re the people that came up with the idea for Sharktopus and pitched it to Roger Corman. Then they’ll probably just have me escorted off the premises.

  • “Then I genetically crossbreed them with piranhas and sell it to Syfy as TURANAHA.”

    Ha, I was COMPLETELY thinking the same thing! Same name, too!

    Actually, if they scoffed it would probably be because you didn’t pitch them on ‘Mega Turanha.’

  • Petoht

    “Vampires ripped my flesh” has to be the goofiest of the “X ripped my flesh” lines.

    That reminds me… another Manly Men Magazine with that line. Everybody take a drink!

  • John Campbell

    Ken, did you find these images on the interwebs or did you scan those in from the originals you have lurking in your collection?

  • Luke Blanchard

    I think these are all magazines from Martin Goodman’s company, Magazine Management. He was also Marvel Comics’s original publisher.

    If you look closely, you can see an “Atlas” logo on some of the covers. The logo/imprint was also used on his company’s comics for a period in the 50s. When Goodman started a new comics company in the 70s, after selling Marvel, he badged the comics as Atlas Comics (the company is listed as Seaboard at the Grand Comics Database).

  • John — I wish! There are a couple of great books, though, like It’s a Man’s World and Men’s Adventure Magazines, which reproduce scads of such covers on beautiful, glossy paper. That first book is out of print, but you can generally find copies via eBay or for about cover price anyway. A worthy expenditure.*

    [*Actually, it seems people have caught on and prices are starting to rise quickly on that tome. If you see a copy at a decent price, I’d advise you to grab it.]