Monster of the Day #212

Man, that’s just pretty.

  • sandra

    Any idea who the artists was ? It looks like it might be Frank Frazetta.

  • Sandra: Yep! It’s the cover for Creepy #4.

  • KeithB

    Hmmm. I wonder if werewolves have a baculum?

    That must be the most painful part of the trensformation!

  • Rock Baker

    It’s great art, no debate there. I do like my wereolves to at least wear pants, however. You take away the clothes and you take away too much of what was once human. The monster could just be a wild animal. There needs to remain enough humanity to really sell how a creature like this could dwell inside us all. That’s why I’ve always favored ‘wolf-men’ over ‘werewolves.’

  • KeithB

    [<OE. wer {man} + wulf {wolf}]

    cf were-gild

  • Rock Baker

    Modern Movie Shorthand:

    Wolf-Man (wolfman, etc.): Larry Talbot-type creature, more humanoid than lupine. usually clothed with makeup applied almost exclusivley to face and hands. See I Was a Teenage Werewolf, The Werewolf, The Wolf Man, etc.

    Werewolf (were-wolf, etc.): More animal than man, full beast most often on all fours. usually resembles a mutated black bear more than any sort of canine. See An American Werewolf in London, The Howling, etc. (Sometimes the final result is a true wolf. See Wolf, etc.)

  • KeithB

    To add to the more-wolf genre:
    LadyHawke with Rutger Hauer (the were-wolf), Matthew Broderick, Leo Kern, some lady and some villian.